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Important Information Regarding Our Blog Site

Please understand that the content we provide in our blog is strictly based off of our own personal experiences and are solely our opinions. We sometimes say bad words and may even refer to some situations that may not be suitable for readers/visitors under 18 years of age. Mature Audience is Suggested. We will share quotes from time to time and the images may be our own personal images or images in which we found. We share, you can too! Sharing is Caring!

Our blog site does not and will not solicit your information to third party, crazy people that want to blow up your email inbox or steal your identity! We don't intend on using it either - It's hard enough being me sometimes, I can't imagine being someone else. We just want to know if you want to receive some monthly motivational emails. We will be greedy and keep your information to ourselves because this kind of sharing is not caring!

Please note that within our blog, some of the content may be personal: Therefore, some of the names, places, incidences, situations, and/or experiences, etc. may be changed to protect the privacy of the other parties that were involved. 

Mission statement – If you can't love yourself, how do you expect anyone else to love you? Life is full of twists and turns. So when those random corners come at you ... Put that car in drive and take those corners like a boss! Basically what we're saying is: We've all been down some roads with blind corners, without corners in our life it's just a straight stretch of boredom.  

Company policies – All we ask is that you be nice. Be nice, give quality feedback in an adult manor. Not everyone will agree with everyone, that's OK! Just Be nice, That's it!

Executive profiles – The 3 of us are no executives. We all 3 work full time, we love our jobs very much! We do this because we want to, because we like you! 

I think that about covers it all - If you have any questions or concerns, click the bright pink 'For More Info ... ' button that you saw on our Home Page in the beginning and shoot us an email. Or fill out the form above and hit send. If you see something that you think shouldn't be on here let us know, just click any pink button you see at any time - that will get you where you need to be. We appreciate and value your input, we will get back to you and let you know what we think! 

Thanks for stopping by! My 3 Corners ~ Beth, Angie & Jess